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Hereditary Angioedema                                                                               

A rare genetic disorder passed on within families. People with HAE have recurrent episodes of severe, often painful, swelling in areas throughout their body, especially in the hands, feet, face, etc.  This swelling may also occur within the intestinal tract, genitals, and upper airways (i.e. throat). If these episodes, or "attacks, occur in the upper airway or facial area, they can be life-threatening. Stomach attacks are the most unbearable and painful and often lead to nausea and vomiting, caused by obstruction from swelling of the intestinal wall. Also, attacks that take place in the limbs of the body can be severely disfiguring.  


HAE symptoms are typically present at a young age, but the disease often goes undiagnosed until much later in life. Misdiagnosis is common because symptoms are often similar to more common medical conditions such as allergies and appendicitis.


We are currently conducting two clinical trials to evaluate a new therapy for severe attacks of HAE sufferers.  All volunteers must be at least 10 years old and have a documented diagnosis of HAE. Other criteria apply.                         

The clinical trial is designed to treat individuals experiencing an acute attack of HAE.

DX-88 HAE Trial

DX-88 was developed by Dyax-Genzyme LLC. DX-88 is a protein that inhibits the first stages of inflammation also associated with acute attacks of HAE. To participate in this study one must have either Type I or Type II HAE, be at least 10 years of age, and must be experiencing an acute attack of HAE.  Financial compensation may be available for time and travel in both trials and an office screening visit is required prior to acute treatment.


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